Our Team

Judy HeadshotJudy Stoffel Loewen

Judy is a member of the International Coach Federation, holding the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential.  In addition to Make Room for Bliss, she does her  private coaching through Singing Heart, in Seattle, Washington. Dedicated to helping her clients recognize and make room for the Bliss that lives inside of each of us, Judy is particularly passionate about helping others discover who they really are, and what it is that “floats their boat.” She has been publishing “Daily Bliss,” a bite-sized and thought-provoking reflection, every morning since June 4, 2012. These daily reflections, available on this site as well as on Facebook, recently became the impetus for the book, “Make Room for Bliss: 365 Daily Inspirations.”

Judy describes the book an invitation to Bliss: more bliss, bigger bliss, heart-shaking, soul-inspired, toe-curling bliss. She defines bliss as love, gratitude for what he have, living with intention, and showing up comfortable and happy as our authentic selves. She hopes that her book will encourage others to smile, contemplate what bliss means to them, and whatever it is, to make room for more of it on an every-day basis.

Judy is inspired to write bliss by her friends and family, and in particular, by her husband and adult son, who she says, “are great at giving her a hard time and keeping her laughing.”


Kristie Keller

Make Room for Bliss was founded by Judy Stoffel Loewen together with her friend and colleague, Kristie Keller. As a team, the duo began publishing Daily Bliss on June 4, 2012. In addition, Judy and Kristie collaborated on their recent book, Make Room for Bliss: 365 Daily Inspirations. Having accomplished getting Bliss out into the world, Kristie has been inspired to follow her own bliss in new directions. Kristie is part of the heart and soul of Make Room for Bliss, and will be missed. Kristie will continue to contribute to Make Room for Bliss as a guest author.