Daily Bliss #180

What did you say the last time someone paid you a compliment?  Was it, “Oh this old thing,” or “It really wasn’t that hard,” or “I hate the way I look”, or something like it?  It may be time to rethink your response.  It is common in our society, especially among women, to downplay a compliment.  Did you ever wonder what that says to the compliment giver?  If someone pays you a compliment and you pooh-pooh it, does it maybe seem that you are calling their judgement into question?  Do you think that accepting a compliment is somehow self-aggrandizing? I would invite you to try to rethink this.  It seems to me that the appropriate response to a compliment is “Thank you.”  It doesn’t mean you agree or disagree, it just means that you appreciate what was said.

Thank You