Daily Bliss #20130929

As I am sitting here trying to write, there is the low-level constant noise from the construction that is being done down the street. It is the constant low-pitched rumble of a large machine, like a bulldozer, that I can’t escape. And I realize that I have been blaming myself for my inability to think clearly – like it is some kind of character flaw that I have. While I am not looking to place blame anywhere, it is good to realize that there is a reason for this issue that I am currently having. I am not saying that they shouldn’t be doing what they are doing; I am not saying that it is their ‘fault’ that I can’t think. I am just saying that there are extenuating circumstances going on right now, and that I need to take them into consideration. For instance, perhaps I will consider doing my writing in the evening, when they are not doing the construction, or doing it somewhere else. Or I could try my excellent earplugs, which I just put in – they work great.

So if you are having some issues with what you are trying to do, don’t just assign blame to yourself for not being able to get it done; look around you and see if there are outside factors that can be mitigated so that you can be productive. Blame is an ugly thing, that primarily becomes an excuse. Instead of trying to find someone to blame, try pinpointing the issue without assigning blame, and working from that point to find solutions.

And I do love my earplugs! Daily Bliss #20130929