Daily Bliss #203

Doing good things doesn’t necessarily have to take a huge commitment of time or money.  Sometimes a  kind word can make all the difference to someone.  Sometimes you can make someone’s day by paying for their cup of coffee.  Random Acts of Kindness don’t take much time, and can cost whatever you want to spend – or nothing at all.  Here are a few Random Acts that I have heard about:  paying the toll for the car behind you; buying a celebrating couple part of or all of their meal; creating a care package for a homeless person; smiling at a mother struggling with a screaming baby in a store.  An amazing thing about Random Acts of Kindness is that I have never heard from anyone who did one that didn’t walk away with a smile on their face.  And also they seem to multiply exponentially.  It seems that when someone does a Random Act of Kindness for someone, that person often does one for someone else, who does one for someone else, etc.  So I wonder what would happen if we all decided to see how many Random Acts of Kindness we could commit before the end of the year?

Random Acts of Kindness