Daily Bliss #75

There are some things that don’t seem to happen just because no one wants to be the first…people seem to feel that whoever goes first will be at some kind of disadvantage.  No one says hello because “what if they don’t say hello back to me?”  People don’t want to be the first to say they are sorry, because that may be perceived as weak.  Someone doesn’t want to be the first to do something for fear of looking “stupid.”  If there has been a rift between people, no one wants to be the first to try to close that rift because they aren’t sure what the response will be.  The common theme here is FEAR: fear of the unknown reaction, fear of looking “less than.”

There is only one way to go forward, and that is through the fear.  So I invite you to join me, just for today (and then tomorrow, and then the next day), as I take a deep breath, look beyond the fear, trust the result, and say….

I will go first