Daily Bliss #86

With all the methods we have of getting the news these days, sometimes it can feel like it is just too much.  So why not take a news break?  Pick a time frame (a week or a month, perhaps?) and go for it.  Stop reading the paper, watching the television news, going on-line for news – however you normally get it.  Don”t worry – we’re not saying that you shouldn’t be informed; just that maybe you need a break.  See how you feel during and after that time.  Maybe when you start up again you will discover that watching the news just once a day is really enough for you.  Maybe you will discover that reading the news doesn’t affect your senses as much as watching the news.  Maybe you will discover that you sleep better if you don’t watch the news right before you go to bed, and maybe you won’t.  The key is to see how it really affects you, and to make your own decisions based on that information.  We don’t know what you will discover, but we would be delighted to hear if you try this….

Take a news break