Believe what you believe with your whole heart and open eyes

I do not pretend to speak for God, and I am pretty sure that the word you use for God does not make any difference. Personally, I use many names: Spirit, Higher Power, Cosmic Consciousness, Universe, Intuition, Self, Inner Voice, and sometimes God. I sometimes think God would respond even if I used Fred or Betty – maybe I will try that soon. I believe that God is within all of us, or maybe God IS all of us and all of us are God. What I think is very important for me and my life, but not so much for your life. What is important for your life is what you think and believe. I invite you to spend some time thinking about what it is you actually believe. It is fine to believe what you were taught, but it is also good to take those beliefs out into the light occasionally, think about them, confirm them, or tweak them if necessary. Believe what you believe with your whole heart and with open eyes.

Daily Bliss #20160921