Daily Bliss #191

Is there ever enough time and energy to get everything done for the holidays?   How do you decide what does and what doesn’t have to be done?  Or do you do as much as you can, and some things just don’t get done?  Here’s something that you can try this year, if you are so inclined.  Try making a list of everything that you feel has to get done.  Then go over it again, and prioritize everything, or even take some things off the list entirely.  Then do the things in your priority order, so that the things most important to you are, indeed, the things that actually do get done.  Maybe you will get through the entire list – that’s great.  Maybe you won’t – and that’s great too.  What this may help you accomplish is not spending time and energy on the things that aren’t as important to you.  Let us know if you try this, and how it works for you.

Christmas tree