Daily Bliss #33

Stress. An all too familiar word in our culture these days.  If you’d like to know its definition, the different types, the physiological impact on the body, or the most common stressful life experiences, we suggest you do a web search.  There is a bounty of information out there already.  What we at Make Room for Bliss are curious about , is how are you choosing to engage the stresses in your life.  Notice the word ‘choosing.’ Please remember that we honor the human experience.  We hold space for the idea that people are whole, capable, creative, and resourceful, AND at choice.

There are most definitely circumstances that cross our paths that bring great challenges, trigger tough feelings, and cause us to question ‘why me?’  Sometimes there are even devastating turns of events that feel as if no words could ever adequately explain or console –  and sometimes letting there be no words is the best option.  As awful as some of our life experiences may feel, we believe we are always at choice in how we react to them.  When you are here, what do you choose?  Is your choice intentional or a knee-jerk reaction?

What about the little things – the smaller day-in and day-out trials of patience?   You know, the times when things don’t go as planned, when you are dealing with people who irk you, when you work very hard for a certain outcome and it seems that your efforts are foiled.  How many times per day, week, etc. is your body tense and your mind frustrated or worried?  When you are in this space, what are you telling yourself?  What are you telling others?  Are you being authentic or following a perceived social norm?

What about the times when you are stress free – the peaceful, comforting moments that make your spirit soar?  Wat does that look and feel like for you?  What creates these moments, and do you allow yourself to enjoy them?  Do you make room for bliss?

Our questions here have evolved from the observation that different people relate to stressors (or the lack thereof) in very different ways.  We encourage you to look at your way.  Be in inquiry and discover the ways you are relating to the circumstances in your life.  What beliefs are at work?  What values are being honored or dishonored?

What do you want to choose now?