Stop judging

I’ve seen this around a lot lately: Don’t judge until you have walked in another person’s shoes. That kind of grates on me. I think I have a better idea. DON’T JUDGE – period. Even if you have walked in someone else’s shoes – don’t judge. You are not the boss, you don’t choose for others – STOP JUDGING. I know it’s hard to stop; some things seem so obvious to you that you can’t help it. At least that’s what happens to me. I am working on it, and I invite you to join me. Even when someone else is facing the same thing I have faced, it is not the same. They come to it with a different background than I did, with different beliefs, and with different strengths and weaknesses. So even if it appears the same on the surface, it most likely is not the same. DON’T JUDGE.

Daily Bliss #20160625