Find your tribes

The people in your tribes will come and go. Their lives and needs will change; your life and needs will change. The tribes you had when you had young kids may not be the tribes you need when you are the parent of grown kids. The people you relied on through one challenge in your life may not be available through your next challenge, for whatever reason. Or you may be part of a tribe that lasts seemingly forever. And here’s the thing about tribes: they are different for everyone, and you don’t necessarily control them. That’s okay. You may have different tribes for different things in your life. You may have a quilting tribe, a book tribe, an illness tribe, and a writing tribe. You may have more or fewer tribes. And it is always your choice to remain with or leave a tribe. There is nothing wrong with leaving a tribe; you are not required to stay forever. And neither is anyone else, so you may find your tribe disbanding at a time when you wish it wouldn’t. If that happens, I encourage you to  find a new tribe that will meet your needs – if you can’t find one, then make one. Sometimes you will find your tribe in the last place you would look, or in the last place you want to be. Find your tribes, and don’t be afraid if they evolve.