I show up and I try, every day

I sometimes struggle with the fact that I can write Bliss that say one thing, and then go on and not do that thing. I worry that I am a fake, and I am not as authentic as others think I am. And then I remember that I, like everyone else, am a work in progress. I strive to live an authentic life, to be vulnerable, to play big, and all those other things I write about. And I sometimes fall short of my goals. But here’s the thing. I am NOT perfect, I know I am not perfect, and probably everyone else in the world knows I am not perfect. I have lofty goals that I try to meet every day. And some days I meet those goals, and some days I don’t. But I show up and I try, every day. And that counts for something for me, and for you too.

Daily Bliss #20151103