What are you grateful for?

It’s important to be grateful when things are going well. And it’s even more important to be grateful when it feels like things are not going your way. Feeling grateful isn’t necessarily going to turn your world around in 5 minutes, though it may eventually make a huge difference in your life. So always express your gratitude, even if all you can find to be grateful for is you found 2 matching socks this morning – it’s a start. Start a gratitude practice that works for you. That may mean writing things down, or it may mean saying something out loud, or even just thinking it. Start how you can, and know that you can evolve your practice as you go. I will start right here – I am grateful that people read my Bliss, and find something to take away from it. What is one thing – big or small – that you are grateful for?

Daily Bliss #20160711