Do something for you today

Do you find yourself sometimes forgetting to do something for yourself because you are so busy doing things for others? There are times in our lives when we truly do have a lot to do, a lot of others to take care of. And even in those times it is important to take care of ourselves. Keep up on your self-care – it’s important! Don’t forget to schedule your medical screenings and your dentist appointments, and don’t forget to allocate some time for yourself. Be in the moment when you do take some time. When you take your shower, really feel the water as it falls on you. Take 10 minutes, or even 5, to sit down with your cup of tea or coffee, and savor the smell and the taste. When you take 30 seconds to put lotion on, really feel and smell everything about the experience. Set aside a half hour to be in your garden, to read a book, to exercise, to sit and think, or to sit and not think. Please remember to replenish yourself, so that you have the energy and strength to take care of others.

Daily Bliss #20160207