Maybe it wasn’t you this time

There may be some things happening in your life that you just can’t comprehend right now – things that have you puzzling over what you did to cause them to happen, or thoroughly flummoxed when you try to reconstruct them in your brain. It is good to try to figure things out, and at some point you have to just realize that maybe it wasn’t you. You don’t always have to be placing blame on someone else, or calling it to their attention, and you likewise aren’t required to accept the blame when it is not yours. If you sincerely can’t figure out what your role in it was, maybe it is time to bless the other person and let it go. Take a break from it. You can revisit it later, and maybe your perspective will have changed and you can figure it out. Or maybe time will reinforce that this time it wasn’t you. Refusing to ever take responsibility for things that happen in your life is not good, and neither is always accepting the blame. Find the balance and the truth – maybe it wasn’t you.